Zim And Tak Romance (ZATR) is the term for the non-canon couple Zim and Tak from Invader Zim. Jhonen does not support this pairing because, as he has stated countless times, Zim and Tak are enemies and "would kill each other, if given the chance". The pairing stems from Tak's introductory episode Tak: The Hideous New Girl, where Zim thinks Tak has feelings for him and plans to learn about human romantic rituals through interacting with her.

According to one of the plots for Invader Dib (the series finale), Zim would end up punishing Tak to exile on Saturn along with Dib, The Resisty and the Meekrob; she would have been accused of conspiracy to commit genocide on her own people in exchange for Zim's defeat, which he would immediately accuse her of treason.

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