Professor Membrane

Membrane turns

Dib (Son), Gaz (Daughter)
Rodger Bumpass
First Appearance
"The Nightmare Begins"

Professor Membrane is a character in the Nickelodeon show, Invader Zim.

He is the most intelligent man on earth and has his own t.v. show called "Probing the Membrane of Science". He is the father of Dib and Gaz , but has neglected them a lot. The most usual way he keeps contact with them is by using a floating t.v. screen, often with prerecorded and out-of-date messages. Apparently Prof. Membrane only goes out with his kids once a year, as it's suggested in the "Bloaty's Pizza Hog" episode.

In the show it was unknown that if he was was married or not. An unaired episode established the fact that Dib or perhaps Gaz as well were made with science. His relationship with Dib is quite bad, as he is always insisting that his son is insane and should drop his paranormal investigations for the sake of REAL SCIENCE!.

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