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is the seventh story in Jellyfist. It starts with a salesman approaching to a kid, saying that he sells those Minipigs that kids love, and starts to narrate how yesterday he saw a kid eat a minipig alive; in a flashback, we see a kid drooling and looking at a minipig. He gets closer and uses his sticky tongue in a frog-fashion way to suck slowly the minipig into his mouth. The kids gather around him to listen the minipig squeal inside the kid and giggle because of this. The flashback ends with a panel in which the kid looks very pleased, still drooling. Again with the salesman and the kid, the salesman asks if he wants to buy a minipig and proceeds to open his coat, revealing a series of minipigs tied to the coat (and his lack of any other clothes inside the coat besides his underwear).

According to the commentaries, Jhonen Vasquez did another story similar to this, but Jenny Goldberg disliked it for being too serious. The story was about a man eating an alive fish, and later found out the fish being still alive inside of him.

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