Jellifyst is a comic book made by Jhonen Vasquez and Jenny Goldberg in October 2007, the second Jhonen's comic book in which he didn't do any of the illustrations (the first being Everything Can Be Beaten). Jhonen wrote all the stories and Jenny illustrated them; along with the stories in the comic book are the comentaries made by both authors about how it was to work with each other and about the creation of each of the stories.



How it Started?Edit

The idea for the comic book (according to Jhonen Vasquez) came up when he was in Chicago working and Jenny was there distracting him, so he wrote down a quick story and told her to do a comic with it to keep her busy; she finished the comic in a couple of hours (the first one in the comic book, "Peepsy vs Poopsy") and the result was so unexpected and hilarious to Jhonen that he proposed to her the idea of making an entire book this way, with him writing surreal short scripts, all of them vague on purpose so Jenny could fill the blanks with her own style.


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