History of Violence

History of Violence
is the fifth story in Jellyfist. This story begins with a blue squid and Muffin Top. Muffin Top exclaims how much it likes the squid, and when lacking of an actual reply it gets sad, but after 12 minutes, the squid answers with a "D'awww Thanks". When Muffin Top presses once again in how much does it likes the squid, the squid starts to ooze blood from its eyes. With Muffin Top looking intently to the squid even after the oozing blood became a river, the squid admits it has killed a man to which Muffin Top answers by saying, "I cannot love you anymore", and leaves flying in a rocket-type way while the squid cries silently.

This story is somewhat based on "A History of Violence" a film made in 2005, directed by David Cronenberg.

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